Do you feel alone?

December 22, 2009 5:44am CST
Hello,everyone i came to a new city and have my first job in 2009.i have no friend,classmates and relations here,except my uncle.But now,the year 2009 is going to end.i also feel alone.i have some colleagues and met some net friend.but if the colleagues and net friends are not good, i aways choose to keep away from her.For example,she is mean or indecisive,i will not stay close to them.and i a high self-esteem girl.i will easily be hurted from other who i aways keep i still have to go shopping alone on weekend.sometimes,i feel i am so faied,even having no friend to go shopping together.i hate this feeling.Do you have such feeling?
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15 Jan 10
Sorry to hear that. for me, never ever have a feel like what u said. it is not only because i have friends,but also because i enjoy the freedom from being a single person. however, i understand it is easy to feel lonely when people stay alone for a long time, especially for some girls. but anyway, try to find some advanteages of being alone,and enjoy it when you are still single. Regarding your personality, try to be bravey, the more you scare, the easier you will be hurt. there is not a way to grow up without failure and hurt. it is always right that to think once more before action. But once you do it, don't worry potential difficulty or being hurt . sometimes, barrier is barrier only when you think it is barrier. enjoy posting. Ben