Who teach you to Drive

United States
December 22, 2009 9:00am CST
When I was in PI I have not tried driving. I first learned riding a bicycle when I was in Japan because majority of the people there are using it and it is a need for a student like me. Here in US, due to my job and for survival, I need to drive. I did not go to driving school but I have an experieced driving education instructor. she is a Hawaiian and very motherly,patient and skillful. Imagine she was 62 when she tought me how to drive. I paid $375 for the entire driving session until I got my license. Luckily, I passed on the road test. When I got tha license, I still did not start to drive, I was always nervous specially when I have a near accident experience. My first job was a walking distance from my apartment but when I changed job, I have no choice but to drive everyday until I gained confidence in driving.
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@CJay77 (4438)
• Australia
8 Jan 12
I'm just curently learning and like you, I too very nervous! I have an instructor teaching me to drive once a week, after a few classes I start driving our car, my Husband car actually and he has to be with me! I have a learner's permit at the moment to get that O have to pass the theory test before I can start to learn to drive! I am hoping to be more confidence on driving, but I think I am close (finger crossed) and hope to have provisional.
• United States
28 Dec 09
your experience reminds me of what happened to my mom. My dad taught her how to drive and she knew how to drive well, but she was too scared to drive. Only reason she started driving was because she obtained a job that was about 40minutes away from where we lived so she had to drive there whether she wanted to or not. Until this day, she hasn't driven on a freeway, but at least she can drive "long" distances.
@lindiebiz (1013)
• Canada
23 Dec 09
It is really good learning to drive because at one point in your life, it would become very necessary, I learnt to drive this year but have stopped driving for now cause I am afraid of driving in the snow so will continue next year.
• United States
23 Dec 09
Yeah, I had to learn to drive also because I had to go places. Mainly school. My dad was the first one to teach me some things about driving but I ended up going to take drivers' education and then a behind-the-wheel class. In the beginning, driving was really hard for me because I was nervous about being out on the open road and I had a number of times when I almost got into accidents which scared me even more. Now, because I drive to school and other places so often, I've gotten use to it and I've driven to other cities that are about 20-35 minutes away. Don't worry, once you drive enough, you'll get use to it just like me =]