natural phenemenon of life

December 22, 2009 9:36am CST
what do you think about the natural way of life ? is it applicable in nowadays way of living ? what does it actually mean in the context of youngsters and our peer group ?
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@didi13 (2926)
• Romania
30 Mar 11
There is even a proper definition of life, but rather a meditation, but here are familiar with it: The path of life ... We open our eyes and spell the first word, even if it's just a sound ... It means that we are born, we began the journey of life ... But what is this way of life? ... It is a road that we go after we are born ... The car that runs on that road is our body and soul ... gasoline is We go on the road naked and helpless and parents who guided us ... It's when you learn how to eat, how to talk, how to go ... The moment the colorful toys are part of your universe, when everything around you spark your curiosity immeasurable ... Begin to make the first steps, the whole world seems too big for us that we are small, but at the same time we sit in front of us. We move more crawling, more legs, slowly revealing the home grow ... Get out of the four walls where we are strong enough and know how to talk, to eat human and other natural things. First contact with the outside world seems suddenly having a big impact on us, but our life starts at home or going to kindergarten. Outside world seems great, but try to communicate with those around us as we both understand. We note with dismay, that those around us we understand and speak the same language as us. Then start our integration would talk to those around us, learning new and interesting things. But time is running out and we wake up in primary school, when we try to decipher intricate mysteries of the alphabet and writing. Write more lonely, more cumbersome, more hated at first, but we improve as we evolve the social ladder, because in elementary school, we believe integrated into society! Imperceptibly jump in secondary school discover with amazement when fascination material: history, geography, mathematics, Romanian and other materials. Some gets a taste for history, fascinându us everything that is new or old, others catch a taste for many more calculations and other pursuits ... From middle school, high school and reach, then, drivers are on their way. Troubles begin, start joys, sometimes sleepless nights, the first thrill of love ... Fellow new exciting world, stories, jokes, a world where you feel performer in a play. Browse the start of the road that is not a straight road, but one with many curves, with ups and downs, where there are road signs to guide you. Run at higher speed or lower, and it seems hard to give that climb the steep slope and ask us to wonder where she appeared before us, but a climb, because we have no other choice. We annoy, bother, but do not stop to climb, because we know that beyond that slope we expect something wonderful. When you give up something, feel like going at breakneck speed down the hill, down another slope, tilted dangerously, but we feel that we have wings to fly and go through that piece of road and curious to see what lies at its end. As we become sad for one reason or another we find ourselves suddenly in a tunnel. It's dark there, it's cold, it's wet, we are afraid, but we see a light and accelerate towards it and when you get out more widely, more light, laugh, because I found a smooth stretch of road that let us breathe relieved by the efforts they've made ... We wake up in college, when we make our steps towards maturity, we face the world and learn for our future. We then find ourselves at our house ... We are parents ourselves, we have children we need to direct the journey of life as well as guided us to new parents ... We are finally mature! ... The road continues unhindered, with ups and downs, with tunnels, with parts becoming more tortuous road or right ... But at some point, the road ends abruptly. In front there is nothing but an abyss ... You turn around, wanting to take it back, but the way you get there is gone ... Do you feel tired, your feet soak, sit down and pull your breath, meditate on what you saw or met along the way, you close your eyes and easier ... That is the moment of moving into a new stage, stage immaterial, where roads do not exist. Since then, the body shall cease to move, because the machine was out of gas ... This is the way that you go through each of us. It starts from zero and ends at a point that only God knows ... How we live, destined go through each of us, a road which inevitably leads to the same end, but we learn how wonderful it is to be human! ...
• India
28 Jan 10
are you asking about the natural habits of living liking eating,relations,.. if it is so when coming to relations they are becoming loosely coupled day by day and the shackles of relations are going out.when coming to food habits all are going for junk foods and unhealthy food items.we have to take nutritious food.thank you .bye