fall out of love

@novelcai (603)
December 22, 2009 9:51am CST
what would you do if your in a relationship and you feel that you already fall out of love to your partner? do you have enough courage to tell him/her straight what you feel? i know some guys hate that if the goodbye will start to them, if im not mistaken some of their famous practices is to let their partner feel that they are cold already so that women will break them.
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• United States
22 Dec 09
Hi, novelcai, having been in that sitaution before I have found that its best to be honest with the other person. If you continue to pretend you are only hurting yourself and the other person. It may hurt them at first but they would rather you just be honet so they can move.
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@novelcai (603)
• Philippines
22 Dec 09
its really hard if your in a situation that you have to decide or too choose. you want to be happy but you know that there is someone who will get hurt. but i know that its the best to be honest and the only problem is how will you start..