your friend's husband with other wman

@novelcai (603)
December 22, 2009 10:13am CST
i have a very friend of mine and i treat her as my older sister. we like each other so much and we share happy and sad story. last week before i go to my work i decided to go 1st at the bank to pay some bills. But the time finished my transaction i saw her husband together with other woman. i dont know what to do i cover my face with a news paper for them not to see me and you know what they sat beside me! gosh! and i cant stand and go out because if i do that for sure they will see me. and i can easily say that they are not just friend but also,,, LOVERS... geeezzzzz i let them finishes 1st their transaction before i left the bank and the bad thing is untill now im in dilema if am i going to tell my friend what i saw. i know that i need to her but the problem is she is PREGNANT.. pls help me ,,
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@myramae19 (667)
• Philippines
31 Dec 09
How could you say that they are LOVERS? In my opinion, I wont cross the line... I will just pretend that i saw nothing. especially your friend is pregnant, she needs her man, and so with their baby. If you want wait for the right time,.after gaving birth, you can try to open it slowly in a nice way. This thing might broke them, this might cause a big trouble for them. anyways, the decision is yours, happy new year.
• United States
31 Dec 09
that can be a very hard place to be. but what you need to ask yourself is if she was in the same situation what would you expect her to do. tell you or keep quiet. and considering she is like a sister to you, i would go ahead and tell her but in a good way considering she is pregnant. be gentle and sorry i do not know how gentle one can be in giving this news. May be you should tell her by giving her a hypothetical senario only that you are giving hers and see how she reacts from there make the judgement of when to tell her. I would want my sister to tell me if my husband was cheating on me. I did ( it was hard for me but i had to tell my sis ter so as to make her decision. in thsi days with all the diseases that are out there you do not want to expose your friend to whatever is out there