Have you undergone any deppression?

December 22, 2009 1:22pm CST
I am that kind of guy,who get depressed early.due to depression and to avoid it,i started drinking 8 years ago.but now,i try to figure out the solutions rather than taking panic on myself What all you guys do?
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• Canada
24 Dec 09
Well, I am on medication such as Prozac, Seroquel and ativan. The ativan helps makes me feel motivated and better. The other two are supposed to work in conjunction with each other to improve my mood. I am not sure how to rate them yet. Long story short I have been dealing with depression since I was 15 years old. There have been some really low lows. You say you drink which is what alot of people do, I overeat and am almost 300 pounds because of it. I also have a therapist which has saved my life. You need to find out what is underneath the depression because there is always something. If you need help doing that then I would suggest seeking therapy. I am not a pill pushing advocate but sometimes medication, even on a temporary basis can help you move through a depression. Drinking is a form of self medication so that you don't have to deal with the pain. So I can only suggest that you analyze what that pain is. Alternatives to what you are doing can involve anything from music to watching comedy, workng out. I hope you can find something that will make you happy to replace the drinking that is making you happy. Good luck to you.
• United States
22 Dec 09
I fight this often with all the struggles we have faced as a family recently. I have delt with it in ways that have not been healthy and im trying to change the way i deal with it. Its not easy to change the habits you have come to depend on to deal with depression. I have gradually started drinking more and smoking more. I withdraw from people in my life because i dont see how they could understand and i dont want to despress them. I realize im being self destructive and not doing myself any good. Im making changes slowly so they will be long lasting.
@VVroom (258)
• Romania
22 Dec 09
Well, there's only one way to deal both with depression and any kind of addiction. You can't run from any kind of 'mind demon' because it is going to haunt you forever. And you also can't fight. All you can do is face it and accept it as it is part of yourself. Do not judge it, just observe the very intimate mechanics of it inside your mind. You will see that NO DEMON is real. All of them are your own and personal creations. In the moment they are not fed with your energy anymore, they are gone. Whenever you put consciousness on an intimate mechanism inside your mind, you start to control it, in that very second. And this is it, the demon is gone.
@babyangie27 (5177)
• United States
22 Dec 09
I suffer from bi polar and severe anxiety so I usually try to take my meds and listen to some music to help purge my emotions. I am a recovering cutter so I have to learn to find another outlet to let things out.
• India
22 Dec 09
Ya me too get into depression, But I won't select a way like you. Drinking will lead you into more depression only, Try for a lone walk, or some thing relaxing your mind. I'll just start walking or will lay down and think about the reason for the depression, I'll get into a solution or I'll go to sleep. Both of them helps me. Everyone have their own way to relax themselves. Try to find a way to make yourself free from it.
@mcrowl (1050)
• New Zealand
22 Dec 09
I never had problems with drinking, but I've had depression a couple of times, and both times had to go on medication. I didn't want to do this, as it made me feel as though I was some kind of mental case, but it made such a difference that I'd recommend it to anyone who's been struggling with depression. Depression is an illness - and there is medication for it. It's not something you can do much about, and it's better to deal with it by medication than try and ride it out. I got depressed both times (about a decade apart) because the shop I was running wasn't doing well, and was losing money. There was nothing I could do about that - in spite of my best efforts - but I could do something about the depression. See your doctor!