Are you in favour of indian education or foreign education system?

December 22, 2009 2:42pm CST
I favour the foreign education because there they are given education,according to the ones interest,right from the their childhood,they are taught on a specific interest and make them expertise in their own field. In india,whether the child is interested or not,but upto 10th ha has to learn all the subjects.he can make choice after entering in class eleventh. I think,god has sent us for a specific task.there are many people in our country,and if each one is specialized in his field,than that country can be at the top,in the world.there everyone is contributing in country progress. I thinks its better being a expert person in one field rather than being,jack of all trades. So guys what do you think?can have your views
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• India
22 Dec 09
I support the current Indian education which you are telling about. coz, as children they can't decide which field to choose. By finishing their 10th they can get some idea about all the fields. To select a path, you need some idea. You need no be a jack of all trades, but you should know about the basics. But what I hate about Indian education system was, Rote Education - By this they spoil children ability to think and fed up their mind with memorization. I never liked this concept from my childhood. To me I cannot memorize the definitions, I always get wrong. But I never worried about those memorizing