Bidvertiser ads

@delkar (1715)
December 22, 2009 2:57pm CST
I know that you will say that they are not offering too many ad formats, or something like that, but i need that website`s ads for founding my paypal account . It`s the only one that it`s paying in paypal too . All the other ones like adbrite, adsense and so on , are paying by check or wu . Do you think that i`ve made a mistake because i`ve added that kind of ads ? I have an website with a lot of pages, from different categories . Do you know how can i add ads on pages that are not related with my first selected category ? Today i`ve submited 8 articles on ezinearticles , but it will take them almost 10 days to add my article, and it`s not guaranteed that they will add my articles . I know that with thouse articles i will have more visitors to my pages, but i just hope to have some clicks on my ads too , because until now i have 150 views / day and not even a single day . But it was my first day . So, i`m on a good or a bad way ?
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