When or if your TV brakes do you throw it away and just buy another or fix it?

@apples99 (6562)
United States
December 22, 2009 4:18pm CST
I wish I knew how to fix a TV set, today I was just thinking of how its kind of a waste to get rid of an appliance that could be fixed, if only it wasn't so expensive to have a TV fixed, it seems to cost a lot to fix a TV, it would be neat to be able to fix one myself safely without having to pay someone else. When and if your TV brakes do you just get rid of it and buy a new set or try to have it fixed? Would it be nice to know how to fix it yourself?
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@AmbiePam (51177)
• United States
23 Dec 09
Knowing how much it costs to fix a TV, and how TV repairmen charge an arm and a leg for something that really isn't a big problem, I'd probably buy a new one. A person can get a non fancy, non HD television for a reasonable price. Of course nicer ones aren't as expensive as they used to be either. Of course I doubt you're looking for a 42 inch HD TV that hangs on the wall. lol
@leeloo (1492)
• Portugal
22 Dec 09
I have found that most things tend to be more expensive to fix then buying a new one, granted it may not be as good quality or as well made but prices of new televisions and other electrical appliances have dropped. I do fix my appliances myself when I can, sometimes it is something simple that can easily be done, if not I go look up both in the manual and more and more online to see if there is someone with a similar problem and hopefully find someone explaining if it can or not be fixed and how to do it. It is amazing what is available with a little research, I have fixed quite a few things this way. The other thing is if you realize that there is no way of fixing it seems less of a waste. Where I live there are various charities and institutions that recoil broken appliances to recycle. It really bothers me throwing things out but like this, with recycling not so much, and a charity gets something out of it.
• Canada
22 Dec 09
I guess it depends what breaks on the t.v and how expensive it would be to repair. If buying a new t.v would be cheaper that getting it fixed i would probably buy a new one. Although it would be nice to be able to repair a t.v the labor does not usually cost anything compared to what some of the parts would cost but it would probably save you a couple bucks and you would also have bragging rights to say you fixed your own t.v.