People are judgmental base on what they read on the discussion

United States
December 23, 2009 4:13pm CST
I don't understand, people are so judgmental and mean on the comment. What did I ever done to them anyway? I simply posted my discussions, and respond to disccussions people posted up there. On several occasions, I received some mean comment, and they always said, I already told her this and that. On the recent discussions I posted here, it was about "why women fall for married men, taking Tiger Wood case for instance." One mylotter assumed that I had an affair with some married man, and he said that he told me to do this and that before, which I had no idea what he talk about. He just posted some mean comments. For his information, where in my sentence that I reflect or implied anything about me fell in love with a married man. People are just judgmental, and they over read between the line, genius.
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@bunnybon7 (50973)
• Holiday, Florida
24 Dec 09
now iam going to be judgemental cause thats what we do here just joking. anyway its not really fair to put female when you are male. for petes sake give us a break if you want to enjoy it here while you make a few cents. what did you do with your gf? why would she quit? i mean this is as good, if not better then any other social site. i've found if you think of it as social site and not make money site its more fun.
@thea09 (18305)
• Greece
24 Dec 09
I didn't think I'd be misinterepreted as being judgemental here. Clorissa has been passing herself of as a young woman when it's obvious she is a man, and has a lot of car problems so I've simply advised her/him to use the bus more and find a nice young husband to help out with the money problems. We're here to have fun after all especially when he/her regularly says is only here for the money.
@thea09 (18305)
• Greece
24 Dec 09
I'd say hi Clorissa but obviously that wouldn't be appropriate now you've said you are a man. I wasn't being judgemental just posting a bit of fun as it is such a rarity if you actually comment back on your responses, despite everyone trying to tell you over and over that that is the way to increase your income here. So I just happen to have given 'young clorissa' a bit of advice along the way. There was nothing mean intended at all but it is against the rules to pose as someone you are not so you may consider either changing the gender on your profile or removing it. I was so happy to recieve and accept your friendship request though.
@mysdianait (66009)
• Italy
25 Dec 09
I wonder if Clorissa is aware that in the Terms it states: "By using the myLot services, you represent and warrant that (a) all registration information you submit is truthful and accurate; (b) you will maintain the accuracy of such information; (c) your use of the myLot services does not violate any applicable law or regulation; and (d) you are sixteen (16) years of age or older. Your myLot account may be deleted and your membership may be terminated without warning, if we believe that you have violated any of the Terms of Use Agreement. You will not be entitled to any accumulated earnings if your account is terminated for one of the reasons listed above." :
@creationhub (3066)
• Malaysia
24 Dec 09
This is a good discussion for me. I agree that sometimes many of us fall into a judgemental mode when responding to discussions. I am guilty of that but very seldom. Most of the times, I'd enjoy the discussions and respond my personal view and if possible with encouragement or motivation. We are here for various reasons. Earning money is one. Making new friends globally is another. The third one for me is to learn from the experiences of others.
• United States
24 Dec 09
You are probably judgmental as well - everyone is. Its just that some people aren't afraid to say what they truly believe. And the thing is so people think that a person will use a different scenario instead of admitting what they've done. I mean if I had someone constantly asking me why someone fell in love with a girl even though he was married etc. I would suspect something was going on either what that person or their partner. The thing is don't get mad about what gets posted and if you have such a weak backbone and can't take things so well and get so upset mylot might not be the place for you. This is a site you are allowed to post your opinion without someone saying you aren't allowed to so either embrace that or find somewhere else to chat - thats my opinion and you might call me judgmental over it, but you calling me judgmental is just being judgmental yourself - remember that.
@mains50 (299)
• Canada
23 Dec 09