What kind of thing or person do you often recall?

@kevinll (967)
December 23, 2009 7:08pm CST
With time pass, we forget a lot of things, however something and someone is still around your memory. Such as your childhood friends, your first prsent or else. When someone is alone they may think of a lot of things. What kind of thing or person do you often recall? In winter i often think that I walked on the streat which was full of thick snow in a new year's day. Cause the snow was very heavy no car can be driven on the street so i had to go home on foot.
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@bingchen (1119)
• China
25 Dec 09
i think that he is my ex-boyfriend,i often recall the happy time with him.although we finally end up,but i always remember him and hope that he would be together with me.maybe i never lost anything in my life,maybe i never miss anything,so when i lost him at that moment,i find that i lost all of thing and my mind would be left wiht his parting.so i often recall him in my mind.
@ronnyb (6113)
• Jamaica
24 Dec 09
Ok I once had a friend in grade two who was like my ball and chain .We had a nice little operation goin in which I was small but the brains of teh operation and he was tall and big and my defence .I would help him with his homework and he would keep me safe .I mean this kid was really big for a grade two boy .I remember once some grade five boy tried to beat me down and he beat them all to a pulp ,from tehn on no one troubled me but before the year was over his parents sent him somewhere else
• Philippines
24 Dec 09
Why is it that I can remember little unimportant events that happened in my childhood over 20 years ago, but I can't remember what I wore last Monday? I know major events or traumatic events that happened in your life your brain will remember for years, but I can remember one particular day sitting in my elementary school classroom listening to the teacher talk about some uninteresting fact. I cannot remember any other days immediately surrounding this one event. So, I'm a just wondering if any of you science minded folks know how your brain decides which little events to pick out from your past and store permanently in your memory?
@tictac213 (118)
• United States
24 Dec 09
Other than big events and achievements, and hanging around with friends, I remember fights with my friends, some gifts which may be small for thers but mean very much for me, some comments that people make about me, some compliments (though few) that I have received, some fun games that I used to play with my children of my town, some picnic days, some but not all birthday parties, some stories that my dad and grandmother used to tell and what not!