Are those mailing programme can really help you to make money?

Hong Kong
December 24, 2009 1:27am CST
One day,I have received an unknown email which told me a method in earning money by send out an 1 dollar bill to a certain address and also replace my name and adress on the top of a mailing list which consists of 5-6 others people from other countries.The email claim that,it was perfectly legal and it has been promoted in one of the Oprah show on T.V. I didn't know how it works and affraid that it may be a scam.Well,tell me more about it or stuffs like this if you happen to know it.Maybe there is some programs really works in this world and I would like to hear about your advice and experience?Thank you.
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• Pakistan
24 Dec 09
I dont trust these sort of programs.........I also don't knw how is it possible to earn money by sending 5-10 emails...I often receive that sort of emails from an unknown sender.........
@MultiGod (86)
• Indonesia
24 Dec 09
I won't trust that kind of sh*ts. If I were you, I won't sacrifice my dear oh great one(+) buck(s)! My mother once had that kind of message in her phone. They made her pay this and that, there and here, and they'll never reply you anymore after they got what they want. But if they say it's completely legal or something, why did he have to send it to you? Why didn't he publish it somewhere other than emailing it to you? I don't trust it for sure, but if you want to try, your choice.