Have you been to the Nude Beach?

United States
December 24, 2009 5:52am CST
There was a regular hiking activities for our condo posted in the bulletin boards. I decided to join the hiking trail. It was my first time. We went to Larsen's beach, after hiking, we went to some famous restaurant and eat out. While entering to the place, I was amazed but the beautiful views, nature. We left our cars and walked down to the beach. While walking, I saw a naked woman doing some Yoga and another man doing the same thing. As we go closer, they disappeared until we passed from their area. About 50 meters away, I turned back my head and found them doing the some activity. I told some of my girl friends, "hey, they are naked, they said maybe it is part of their yoga. Then, we keep walking, and found two men drinking and sitting in the beach chair nude. So I did not see a word, just my mind was curious. I told myself, "where am?" I do not have any idea that we are in the nude beach. lol. We kept walking until we reached the end of the trail and turned. While walking back, I was more and more nude people coming in. Some are in the seashore, swimming, camping, picking shells. I guess some are family because I saw kids, young women, old men, etc. They were surprised why we are not naked. Lol. Do you have any experience? I wonder if public nudity is allowed.
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