what do you think about lucky?

December 24, 2009 7:32am CST
A lot of people say that lucky is given to you since you born, i.e: skill on singing,sport,handsome or beauty or others. But i think that`s wrong i think you have to make your lucky, i say that "harder you work, more luck you are". what about you?
2 responses
• India
24 Dec 09
Nothing happens by chance, my friend... No such thing as luck. A meaning behind every little thing, and such a meaning behind this. Part for you, part for me, may not see it all real clear right now, but we will, before long. I believe more in 'hard working' than 'luck'...
• China
24 Dec 09
To some people that lucky is given to them since they born,people always say that"he is born with gold key in his mouth".We know these people will have a lot of things that the ordinary people don't have. To the other people that lucky is given to the prepared people,like you say"harder you work,more luck you are",hah,just to say"chance is only given to the prepared people".