Vick wins Ed Block Courage Award

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December 24, 2009 2:06pm CST
I am reading this article about how Micheal Vick won the Ed Block Courage Award for the Philadelphia Eagles and I am completely okay with it. I think the ripping by Chris Chase on yahoo sports was a little over the top. Chase rips Vick saying how is it courageous for a parole who has to do community service show signs of courage and community dedication? How is he courageous, because he has to answer the media truthfully about his past sins? Let me tell you something Chase, in America we love comebacks. I would like to know how many times Chase has been in the Philadelphia locker room and saw the impact that Micheal Vick has on his teammates? This guy went to jail and served time for a horrible crime and I am not going to overlook that. However, since his time is over with, Vick is allowed to go back and live the life he was born to live. Vick said when he got to Philadelphia he was going to do extra community service to try and help make up for his sins in order to gain peoples respect again which is something that he didn't have to do. Vick could have complied and done the minimum amount of service, but he did more. You can argue whether the Eagles asked him to or not, but Vick is the one that has to go out there and work those hours no one else. You want to know what is courageous? Micheal Vick after spending all that time in jail and going out there to play the game he loves and entering stadiums in different cities week after week and not knowing what type of criticism he is going to receive from the crowd. I want to see how anyone would deal with 70,000 screaming fans and millions watching across the U.S and wondering what type of obscene jestures the crowd is going to throw at you each week. This guy deserves everything he has. Vick cleaned himself up and hopefully is will continue to put forth the same effort not only for the rest of his career, but for the rest of his life. This is a human being and if his teammates believed that he was deserving of this award then who are we judge them. Maybe no one on the Eagles team does as much extensive work as Vick does and maybe that is why they gave him this award. Bottom line he won the award and in my eyes he completely deserves it, because his teammates believe he does. Way to go Vick and I really hope we can continue to see this improvement throughout the rest of your career and life.
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24 Dec 09
I believe that he hasa really turned his life around, and it seems to me that he is ready to become an elite player again in the NFL.
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25 Dec 09
I know I am definitely pulling for him. I was watching the game when the Eagles went to Atlanta and he scored that touchdown on a five yard run. The city of Atlanta still loves and supports Vick and they showed it by giving him a thunderous applause. A great jesture of class by the crowd even though he no longer plays on the team. There are many teams out there right now that need a quarterback and if Vick doesn't stay with the Eagles after this year I am sure he will get a phone call from someone.