How can i lose this thin frame?

December 24, 2009 5:30pm CST
As long as I can remember, everyone I know has always known me as the "skinny guy". I am going to start lifting tomorrow and begin my weight-gain journey. As some of you may know me as, I am what they call a "hardgainer". - Hardgainer: People who are naturally thin and find it hard to add muscle mass. I need advice from you mylotters, lifters, bodybuilders, etc. anyone with experience out there to give me the advice of interest I am looking for. What kind of diet should I have?
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@ToughTate (143)
• United States
26 Dec 09
You want to focus on eating a lot of whole foods like oats, eggs, fish, brown rice, vegetables, chicken, turkey, etc... Starting out it's best to follow a total body workout that takes place 3 times a week. This and the diet should give you, as a beginner, the results your looking for. One exercise you definitely need in your routine is the squat! I've added plenty of mass to my body by doing heavy squats, high rep squats, and many varieties. Good Luck.
@Eric7990 (118)
• United States
25 Dec 09
Well I worked out a lot in high school when I played football and I got very strong but I did work out for 3 years in a row though. Simply start out very small and work your way up. For instance benchpress. Probably start out at 85lbs and work your way up. Do a lot of reps dont worry about weight as that will hurt you not help you. For diet drink a lot of water, eat and drink protein, and stay away from sweats. That should build some good muscle in a good couple of months.