Does Santa claus really exist ?

December 24, 2009 10:44pm CST
Every 25th of December we eagerly wait forward for the Santa claus to arrive & shower us with his gifts.But have you ever wondered where does this Santa claus come from ? From where does his gather so many gifts & how can he manage to distribute so many gifts worldwide ?It is something we have always rejoiced but never tried to understand.So friends,lets solve this puzzle.
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@abetojr (32)
• Philippines
25 Dec 09
I believe that Santa is real but he only live long ago in the north pole he give gifts to children that are nice for maybe a year.I heard about a story of a naughty boy trying ruin Christmas to everybody I don't remember his name but I just want to tell this to everybody once there was a boy that usually do bad things or ruin Christmas one Christmas day when he and his mother and sister went to shopping his sister show her the doll that she wanted to show to Santa then he grabbed the doll that his sister showed to him his sister said,give me that doll I will show it to Santa so he will know what to bring for me he said that stupid old man will not give you anything for Christmas because he is fake!!!when he have been mocking his sister.He has been lock in the small room he went to sleep there,and when he woke up he realized that he is lock in a very small room he shouted help!help!help! he shouted louder and louder,but nobody answered he said to him self oh,I know what their doing they are teaching me a lesson that I should be good.He said I promise to be good!if you will just let me out of this room!when he got himself out he see nothing it was so dark he only saw a big guy sitting on the slay he heard bell sounds as the man came near him it came louder when he saw that man very near he said I know you fake!he pulled Santa's beard and it didn't come off he said you are real.Santa said lets talk.Santa said talk about what? about you, Santa said.Santa said my friends is going to visit you the first will come to 9:00 the second will come in 10:00 the third is in midnight the boy said midnight? I can't be still here in midnight.The boy said who are your friends?Santa said, my friends are ghosts.Santa said tomorrow you will be good.When he has pass the ghost friends of Santa he realized that being bad is not good.The end...thats all about how Santa treated naughty boys and girls...
@coolcat123 (4391)
• India
25 Dec 09
there is a very famous story from which this santa claus was born. Years before, there was a priest who loved kids and he on 25th dec nights changed his get up in an old man with many gifts which he gave to small kids when they were fast asleep. there's no real santa now, but if u wan to be one of your area u might change ur get up and start doing it.