Which Camera to buy

December 25, 2009 1:22pm CST
Me plannin to buy a camera in another a week or so...Can you advise me which brand is better Sony and Nikon..and a simple model for normal use(I mean i dont want a hi-fi camera which professonials use)...thanks..
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• Australia
8 Jan 10
I have owned both Nikon and Sony cameras. And Canon and Panasonic; Olympus, too. For a point and shoot, I would suggest Panasonic or Canon. If the choice must be Nikon or Sony, then Sony offers more value for money and good build quality. Now, if you were looking at higher end cameras, my suggestions might be very different!
@eddify (412)
• Pakistan
27 Dec 09
Ok then you should go for Sony digital camera as it is one that I have and I have been using it for quite some time. But if u want perfect results etc I would suggest a cannon. Its one of the best around and even if u r a beginer the results will show as if u r one of the professional
@youless (98980)
• Guangzhou, China
26 Dec 09
I like Nikon much more. I don't really like Sony because I think in the camera field, Nikon is much more professional. The color from Sony digital camera is not so real. I love China
• United States
25 Dec 09
I am a nikon camera,i wasn't the one who bought it cause if were up to me i wouldn't had bought that Nikon brand,i don't even had the nikon cam for a year and it's already finish/damage.i don't see Nikon as a good brand,i don't know much about it and never known about it and until i personally own one,but my suggested recommendation to is to choose from a Song or a Cannon cause those two brands are very good.
@dorannmwin (36656)
• United States
25 Dec 09
Both my sister-in-law and my little sister both got Nikon point and shoot cameras last year for Christmas and both of them love the camera that they've got. So, I believe that if the only choices that you want to give are Nikon or Sony, I would chose Nikon based on their experiences. However, if given a choice between all of the camera brands, I would recommend a Canon. Since I've had digital cameras, they've all been Canon and I am impressed with them. I've had an older point and shoot Canon, which still works quite well, but I replaced it with a DSLR because I wanted to start exploring the possiblity of doing semi-professional photography.