what do you think of the HYIP fund investment site?

@hwj308 (64)
December 25, 2009 8:21pm CST
HYIP fund investment sites now are very popular with people all over the world , I don't know why they can so quickly pay us so much money ,the profit is so high ,of course ,what on earth do they do through raising our funds? In our country , maybe this kind of investment is illegal,but what about other countries, can they accept this kind of raising funds ?
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• India
19 Aug 10
All hyip sites are scam. There is no shortcut to earn money without hardwork. They promises you that they give 2 to 5 percent returns daily. Do not get scammed
• Thailand
28 Dec 09
Don't know, was going to try one which name is GF. GF has been around for sometime and from my research it has the best rating on the internet as they have 24hr live chat support and are really paying their members. Just wished they would add paypal though but still a great place to try out.
@pinoydeal (202)
• Philippines
26 Dec 09
We just have to be careful on HYIP. Most of them turn out to be scam. We just have to careful what site to join.
@lindiebiz (1006)
• Canada
27 Dec 09
In my opinion, it is not a bad form of investment like any other form of investment but it has the tendency to fail because most of these people invest in trading stocks and forex which can fail at anytime. Maybe if the industry is regulared, it can function better
@MasSigit (93)
• United States
26 Dec 09
I do believe 99% of HYIP turn to scam this is the danger zone, so i make earn money from them everything require strategic to make money ....so be careful remember High risk High return..don't predict the future, just make a good strategic and believe in your heart you can win.5 until 10% all money you can use.. Best for yo all......... Happy mylotting Happy Holiday Season..........