I need Some Advice Guys! Very Important!!

United States
December 25, 2009 10:12pm CST
ok, I like this one guy, hes in a rockband. But Im seriously head over heels in love with him. His band is going on tour next year and Im going to every single show just to see him. I want to get to know him. But do you think I should approach him? Im actually terrified and scared of rejection, so what do you guys think I should do?
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@balabrahmam (1074)
• India
26 Dec 09
love - do it love
do it immediatly what is bad thing u know if u did not tell him write nowit is the mistake. so approach him and i hope u r succed ALL THE BEST WITH LOVE
• United States
26 Dec 09
Thankyou! I hope this turns out good for me! I really think this guy is hot and I would love to have a chance with him! Its important to me!
@JohnJeff (722)
• Malaysia
26 Dec 09
You must accept any possibilities.Reject or not is second thing.First thing you must try.As you mentioned hes a rockband and hes must popular too.So hes got many fans out there.I think you are not alone.There must be competition.You must judge the situation.But it's not wrong if you try.Just follow your heart.I wish you good luck and happy Cristmas.
• United States
26 Dec 09
Thank you so much! I will follow my heart!
@eddify (412)
• Pakistan
27 Dec 09
I am not sure what to do. But most of the time they are so busy in themselves and the work that they forget about everythign around them. But is there anything that shows that he is in to you as well. I mean there would be other people as well who will be watching all his shows. So how do you think you stand out from it? The other could be to drop a hint.
@magtibaygom (4863)
• Philippines
26 Dec 09
It's like investing. The higher the risk, the higher the reward. That's too risky for you. But I bet, if you succeed in getting that guy, your happiness will reach the sky. Go for it! Make yourself so sexy and beautiful so the guy will salivate on you. :-)
• United States
26 Dec 09
why do you want so much advice? i think that is a little strange.
@zjonier (39)
• China
26 Dec 09
Like is a feeling.If you really like him,I suggest you'd better approach him and tell thim.How do you know you will be rejected if you dont try to do it.There is a chance when you tell him your feeling,if not,you will regret,wont you? Good luck!