Toy IR helicopters, great for meeting people.

@VKXY62 (1605)
December 26, 2009 2:43am CST
Hi folks, I recently got one of those little toy helicopters from ebay. First time crash pilot, so, see how we go. Well, it was sort of OK inside after I got used to the controls. I could take off, hover, turn, move around, land. I took it outside into the backyard, bad move. I didn't think did I. It took off, and as it was gaining altitude, it flew into direct sunlight, wheeeeee, bye bye. The light from the sun made the IR control go full throttle, I had no control. It shot up into the sky and vanished behind a tree. Fiddlesticks, I thought, standing there with the remote in my hand. I went for a walk around the block, went up to the house where I think it crashed and knocked on the door. A young bloke answered the door, I explained what had happend, and could he please have a gig in the back yard for it. By then there was a crowd, brothers, sisters, cousins, and grandma. Oh yeah, come out, have a look he said, walking around the back. Everyone else followed, I had no idea what they were saying. I couldn't see it anywhere and thanked them and was about to leave, when when of the young blokes called out, 'There it is', pointing. I looked at him, he had climbed up on the roof, he was pointing at the next doors shed roof. There it was, flashing lights still flashing. I climbed up and retrieved it. I noticed grandma had some chili plants all around their fence, when I got home, I had some young chili plants, those hairy ones that live for 15 years, so I gave her one of them, and some lemons of the tree, still hang a bag over the fence every now and then when I am getting some for self. Neither of us can speak the same language, but a wave and a smile, with would you like every now and then goes down well. I guess that's why they write indoor use only on the box. I know know that for outdoors helicopters, I need a radio one, not and Infra Red one. But, if your game to see where it might end up, and who you might meet. Take your IR chopper outside in the sun, and fire it up. :-)
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@xuara1 (82)
• United States
28 Dec 09
Lol that's a great story! I used to have a regular radio controlled one, but after thinking the field I was in was large enough and playing with it for quite some time, the battery began to wear down and I tried to land it, but it wouldn't respond to my controls, and it got treed. I tried to get it out of the tree, but it was stuck up there way up high and there was no getting it out. If I ever get another one, I'll make sure to play with it in a MUCH larger area even than that, get one with a better battery life and easier to control, and a slightly larger one so maybe I can see it better.
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@VKXY62 (1605)
• Australia
31 Dec 09
G'day xuara1, thanks for that, I will remember what you have said for when I get a radio one, learn from your own experience. I am busting to get it happening too.