Please, don't use your guns to celebrate the New Year!

@dragon54u (31651)
United States
December 26, 2009 11:19am CST
Obviously, most people here are thinking individuals who know the dangers of firing guns into the air on New Year's Eve. MOST people. There are some that are ignorant of the dangers and a very few everywhere that just don't care. When I lived in Phoenix, a girl was killed while outside talking on the phone when some idiot fired his gun into the air and the slug plummeted down and killed her. Did you know that a little .22 shell can travel up to a mile before it loses velocity and drops to the ground? Think of what it can do to a hapless human if it or a larger caliber is fired straight up and falls on them. They will be severely wounded or killed. What if that was YOUR child? Like I said, I doubt most people here will even think of doing this but watch out for those who do and try to dissuade them or call the police. It's a big problem and not matter how many laws are made against it, people are still killed each year by falling slugs of every size.
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@uath13 (8206)
• United States
26 Dec 09
Wow, irresponsible an expensive...With all the fireworks displays it's hardly necessary or amusing.
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28 Dec 09
I know just what your talking about. I lived in New Jersey(I mean in the worst of Jersey)and every year (eventhough its not legal)you do have some J**kA** I like to call them start shotting in the air and here theres high rise building and sometimes the wind(s) can help the travel of a bullet go right through someone's house whos thinking that their safe get hit and their we go another innocent bystander minding their on business life due to that J**kA** that thought its was cool to start shotting in the air. not to mention half them can barely tell time thier just going on what someone old them or they're hearing. But what is so amazing is that the ones that does the firing they just don't get it nor are the ones that get hit by their own so called stray bullet. I know it goes up but don't know when where how & who it might hit when it comes down but faith somes to be on their side when it comes down. That is just how I see it.