A gift handed down...

@wiccania (3360)
United States
December 26, 2009 10:27pm CST
This year, my son got two very special gifts from his paternal grandparents. When they called and asked what kinds of things he likes, I mentioned that he's very into trains lately. As a matter of fact, he can't walk past a train in the store without wanting to buy it -- he loves them. Well, they were going to go out and buy him a little train set to send, then remembered something. They still have a bunch of his dads toys from when he was a kid. Among them, is a train. A 30 year old toy might sound like a lousy gift, except that I've seen several of the toys my ex had when he was a kid, most of them don't look like they were ever played with. He took such good care of them, that there's minimal wear and tear. So my son now has a toy that was his daddy's toy, and he absolutely loves it. He did get another toy that was his daddy's too, one of those old Donkey Kong games (the ones that look like a mini arcade game), which works perfectly. It's so awesome. I'm even having fun with that one. My son's grandma was afraid I might take offense to getting a "used" gift for my son. Truth be told, I don't care if a gift is used as long as it's given with love. These gifts are made all the more special, because they belonged to his dad. I might not be with his dad anymore, but his dad is his dad and I think it's incredibly special that my son gets to play with something that gave his dad years of happiness as a child. I only wish I still had some of my old toys to pass on to my son.
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@jazzsue58 (2668)
29 Dec 09
Those old toys aren't hand me downs, they're heirlooms. All I'd say is, I'd be inclined to put the old "hand me down" away for safety sake - and maybe buy him a less valuable version from the toy store! I think old toys are much nicer than modern ones. Old anything, in fact. Last year my son got a 2nd hand trumpet from his dad, circa 1930s jazz bands. This year, I got an antique framed oil painting. Both "used" - from an auction room.
@maximax8 (30581)
• United Kingdom
27 Dec 09
I think that an old present from a grandparent is really special. I know that some grandparents have old toys like china dolls and model train sets. It is lovely when they can share these with their grand kids. I like to collect dolls. I have got two antique dolls. They are worth more than modern dolls. Some things from the past are highly collectible. I am glad that your son liked his old presents.
@natnickeep (2338)
• United States
27 Dec 09
My mom handed down a few of my old toys to my daughters and it is the greatest joy to see them play with them and enjoy them just like I did when I was a kid. It sort of gives you a glimpse into your own childhood past. I would even rather have a toy like this as a gift for my child rather then the same new toy that tons of other kids got for Christmas.