What do you like to drink when you eat at restaurant?

@kevinll (967)
December 27, 2009 12:41am CST
Recently my friends come home from other city, and we go to restaurant to celebrate. I would like to ask for some fruit juice or cola, and one of my friend only drink fruit juice. My friend said she often ask for different drinking in restaurant, especially some special drinking from restaurant. What do you like to drink when you eat at restaurant?
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@allen0187 (34549)
• Philippines
29 Dec 09
hi kevinll! i don't eat out as often as i want to. part of my plans to save more money. on the occasions that i do eat out at restaurants, i prefer to drink either fruit juices or ice tea. i refrain from drinking colas as this is part of my plan to be healthier this coming year. yes,i do have lots of plans for the next year and i can hope to keep most if not all of these. lol!!! cheers!!!
@Stonez (32)
• United States
27 Dec 09
What I drink usually depends on what/where I am eating. If I am eating something like lobster or steak I'd rather drink something light so it doesn't dull the flavor. At casual restaurants, I usually just go for the sweet tea. At oriental/indian restaurants, I order hot tea and water.
@dranix10 (30)
• Philippines
27 Dec 09
I only drink Water, Ice Tea and Fruit Juice.
@maria1081 (1252)
• Philippines
27 Dec 09
If I am in an asian restaurant may it be japanese, chinese and korean I drink warm tea and cold water. The combination is good to drink since I eat rice, meat and vegetables. But if I'm dinning in a pizza house or fast food I drink cola- coke, pepse and rootbeer.