My friend K,just called me crying her father is sick.

United States
December 27, 2009 10:37am CST
She told me he told her he has diabetes and is suffering from this. it sounds like he really has it by what she is saying. She is crying thinking he has Hiv/aids. She lost 4 family members to this already. Even her brothers father just died from hiv/aids. I did not know what to say to her. My brother has aids full blown. So I know first hand what she is going through. But I can't tell her about my brother it's not my place. What a spot t be put in she is still crying. She feels she is carrying too much stress. How is one to handle a friend like this?
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@jaisundar (215)
28 Dec 09
Diabetes has now become very common. Once when i had my blood tested in an diagnostic centre i saw an 10 yrs old boy injecting insulin in his thigh by himself. I dont mean that your friends fathers should suffer but it is curable. Diabetes does not do anything if one is regulating his diet and exercising regualarly. Ask her to meet an doctor and prepare a dietary chart for his father instead wasting her time in crying. Its better to go forward than sitting back worrying right.
28 Dec 09
Sorry to her that.. Being there is good enough to relieve the stress she felt right now. Always make her strong and make her positive.. just listen to her and feel her that you always there for her.. It can helps a lot for her to know that there someone she can run of.. Cheer up also dude!
• Philippines
28 Dec 09
Hi there SharonJohnson! That must really be hard huh? Just recently, I have posted a discussion about a friend of mine losing her father on Christmas day. I really get emotional when I come across such stories as I have a very good relationship with my father. I am sure that your friend will need all the support and assurance from you and other people. Let us all pray for her and her family.
@jb78000 (15163)
27 Dec 09
oh i can understand why she is scared if she has lost so many people to aids. all you can do really is try to make her understand that diabetes is not the same thing at all. perhaps if she spoke to her father's doctor it might help? i am also very sorry to hear about your own brother - you must be having a tough time yourself.