The Homeless

@saraines (154)
United States
December 27, 2009 11:04am CST
I believe in helping others as much as i can, but the craziest thing happened to me over the weekend, that amazed and made me mad at the same time, i would like to know how others feel about this. Friday night i went to CVS to get some milk, while i was there a homeless guy walked up to me and asked if i could give him some money to buy a can of soup, normally i would have, but when i looked at his other hand he had 4 cans of beer, he proceeded to tell me that he only had enough money for the beer, but not the can of soup. I told him i did not have extra money. Am i the only one that thinks he could have left the beer and bought the soup, i mean isn't eating more important than drinking? if it had been someone needing help for food or something for the kids, i would have gladly helped, but beer and cigarettes, i don't see as a priority...Please enlighten me, does anyone think i was wrong?
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@xuara1 (82)
• United States
28 Dec 09
No, I think you were exactly right! If I were going to give to the homeless, I'd give to a shelter, not an individual! I have sort of a similar story. In 2002, I went to a convention in Louisville, Kentucky. While there, I met a guy from North Dakota named Dan, and we hung out some during the week. I am from Texas, and most Texans I know don't give money to the homeless for just that reason. But, on our way to the convenience store to get me some Dr. Pepper, this guy stopped us, right in front of a bar no less, and asked for some change. I had some on me, but only what I was going to use for the Dr. Pepper, so I said no. But, Dan decided to give him a little something, and you know what he did as soon as he got it? He hightailed it right into the bar we were standing in front of. I turned to Dan and said, 'That's exactly why I never give money to the homeless!'
@rainie30 (146)
• United States
28 Dec 09
You weren't wrong. It's hard in today's times to help those who need it. I ran into a situation like that one time, and told the person where he could go for a warm meal and shelter. He said he had too much pride. Hmmm, he could ask me for money, but not go to a Christian place for food and shelter? I think the best way to help people like this is by offering them a viable solution. There are exceptions!! But I dont think this is one of those times.