No longer able to edit my profile

@teflon09 (208)
December 27, 2009 3:52pm CST
I'm good in HTML, but am no longer able to edit my profile here at Mylot. I've not been able to add my website even, from "Customize your profile" link. Nothing works. When you go to your profile and click on "Edit profile", HTML sorties load but clicking on "edit sortie" does nothing and "add content" simply comes up with a message "your sortie goes here" which is dumb.. One of the attractions here at Mylot is that you can advertise your programs to fellow Mylotters through personal profile page, gaining valuable referrals in the process and exchanging info and so on. This is supposed to be a social networking site after all.. I've done it successfully before but now, nothing works.. I've done my best to do all tweaks, but no joy.. There isn't a site support/tech support(I looked around a heck no. of times). Also, Mylot invades your personal profile page by placing their own Ad banner.. I thought the personal profile page has long served as a a gift from Mylot to all its members. If you remove features one by one, then what's the point? Already unexplained deletion of discussions has been a great threat to Mylot community.. I now added "Alice"(admin) as my friend and patiently wait for her to accept my friend request, so that I can submit my hardship.. So, friends, Is this my problem alone or is everyone at the receiving end?? I know I'm pretty critical of Mylot here, but they should understand what their members expect.. Totally frustrating!
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28 Dec 09
HTML code is also not working for me. I have been trying to add HTML code in my profile page from last few days. But i have been failed many times. I don't know what is the main problem. So i also need help to add HTML code in my profile page. If you have experience about this please share with others.
• China
28 Dec 09
I can creat web page with HTML,PHP or ASP code,and I have one web site.I have not try the profile of mylot,if you have problem about the html code,you can mail to me.good luck
@sacmom (14192)
• United States
28 Dec 09
I could be wrong, but maybe mylot is finally making some changes on how we edit our profiles on here and that is why you weren't able to edit yours when you tried to. I know others made it known in one of Alice's discussions that it is hard to edit their profiles the way it is currently set up, and I for one have to agree. Although I haven't bothered to edit my profile in a few months when I did I always had a heck of a time saving any changes. I was always persistent though and wouldn't give up until I got it the way I liked it. Well, if it is what I think it is then hopefully the new way will be better than the old. Happy mylotting!
@teflon09 (208)
• India
29 Dec 09
Thanks sacmom for responding to my thread. I hope things would improve..
@kaylachan (50622)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
28 Dec 09
For one thing, Alice has a discussion going on about bugs. You should post there in case its a bug. Now, mylot in general is heavely add-supported. I can understand this to an extent. After all the adds help keep the site free to join and free to use. Otherwise we would be paying her and the mylot staff to use the site instead of them paying us to do so. So understandably there should be some give and take. Just remember to hit enter when entering code. That's been a problem in the past. Alice is looking into updating the faq on how to deal with such problems. However, the rest seem like bugs to me, but I've not gone past changing colors to make my profile easy on me to have to look out.