Do you volunteer?

@maezee (41187)
United States
December 27, 2009 11:03pm CST
I'm trying to volunteer this week with an organization called Open Arms here in Minnesota. The type of volunteering it is is delivering food shelf items and meals to the poverish, specifically ones inflicted with hard times like AIDS, Breast Cancer, ALS, and a number of other diseases and conditions. I'm pretty excited! Do you ever volunteer? How do you pick a place to volunteer with? Do you have any suggestions for me or tips or anything as to how to handle this? And finally, do you put your volunteering experience on your resume?
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@bounce58 (17447)
• Canada
28 Dec 09
Hi maezee! You're unbelievable! You do work at a drycleaners, part time at Macy's, have a lot of online things going on, including myLot, and yet you find time to volunteer! And considering your problems sleeping, and with your car(from previous discussions)! I do volunteer. At my son's school. We actually have a check submitted to the school at the start of the year which gets cashed if we don't volunteer.
@maezee (41187)
• United States
28 Dec 09
OMG thanks! I appreciate that! I'll probably only be volunteering about once a week, but it's the best that I can do right now. That's an awesome incentive for the school to have.. Threatening to cash a check of yours if you don't volunteer. Ha.
@allknowing (87331)
• India
29 Dec 09
I am a proactive and prefer doing things at an individual level which is quite a lot. I set an example specially where it concerns environment friendly activities. I have my used water chanellised to trees, my solid waste is used as foundation material fillers for simple things like garden seats, I have opted to adopt stray dogs rather than go for pedigree which I used to earlier. Whenever I get an opportunity to enlighten kids I do it. I have a garden that attracts birds. These are a few things among several others that I do
@pumeza (56)
• South Africa
28 Dec 09
i love volunteering...its one of the best things i do for myself... the contentment i feel is jst amazing. onething i'll tell to give it yo best shot, dnt expect anything out of it...not even compliments.... jst do it as if yo life depended on it. u'll feel what i mean...its the best feeling ever. as long as its something thats close to heart, something you'll egt what im talkin abt and be constant about your volunteering. dont volunteer the whole month and then volunteer nxt year... rather split it...say 2 days a week or something like that. i volunteer in my church's sunday school, i teach 1-3 years and its always amazing to see the kids crying at the end of the service because they are angry mommy came to pick them, to see them grow up and going to the nxt class is awesome, seeing them frm being the shy kid in the class to being playful n chitty chatter..hehehehe.. volunteering is oneway to keep myself grounded, to remain full of gratitude...there's all sorts of volunteering...another i do is blood donations.
@shibham (17019)
• India
28 Dec 09
Hi maezee, that will be a great experience for u, just feel yourself like florence nightingle and it will lead u to serve them better. When i was a college student, we arranged a health camp where i played a role of volunteer. It sounds great bcoz we find a little time to serve others in this busy world. Thanks.
@kaylachan (10305)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
28 Dec 09
If I can afford to I try to. However I can't aford to. Right now I need what food I can get. And what things I have has to last two people. So George are just getting by. I don't have money for bus fair to get from place to place so I don't go out. But every year at least once or twice, If I can I'll leave a box of canned goods by the mail boxes at the end of my bulding. The food collected is taken by the postal service to homeless shelters and soup kitchens for homeless people to eat. However volenteer work is good to put on a reasume. It shows that you aren't in it for the money and will work hard despite what hardship is tosssed our way.