If you have enough money which car would you buy?

@yinmm007 (605)
December 28, 2009 12:13am CST
I love ferrairi and lamborghini sports cars.Both of them are beautiful and cool.In them i think i can feel fast and furious.I love the feeling of fast speed.If i have 1 million dollars i would pay 30 0000 dollars for a sport car. What about you?Did you ever wish to have a sport car such as ferrairi or laborghini? Please share with us.
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• Canada
9 Feb 10
Hi there Yinmm, I love to pretend I have lots of money and can spend it on just about anything Id like. This is a fun game. Well Id get a black Lamborghini, I like speed also. Id get a black Hummer also and to please my husband, Id get him a helicopter. He's always wanted one and I hope Id have enough money to get him one haha. Then Id need to get a car to do my shopping, so Id get a black Cadillac SUV.....and to do small errands, Id get the new Camaro, in black also. Now Id need to build a bigger garage to keep all of my toys haha!! Thanks for the fun discussion, LUV it!!
@sacmom (14192)
• United States
20 Jan 10
That's a tough one, as there are a lot of good cars out there. However, if I could buy any car, and money is no object, I think it would have to be a Jaguar X-type. It's so sleek and sporty looking, yet could fit my family without leaving anybody behind. Though at the same time I love SUV's so maybe I'd get something like a Toyota Highlander instead. Or heck, maybe I'd just get both. That way my husband would have something to drive too. LOL Happy mylotting!