I am not sure whether to get an iPhone

United States
December 28, 2009 12:40am CST
I found some really cheap iphones and I am trying to decide if i really need one. Checking email on my phone would be cool - maybe I should just get a blackberry? I like my Nokia but everyone seems to have an iphone! I just need some help deciding. Oh the cheap ones I found are here: http://www.megacheapphones.com/manufacturers/apple/apple-iphone-3gs.php Thanks! Penny
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@kaylachan (5553)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
28 Dec 09
I think that you should decide for yourself what you need in a phone. If you think it will be benifical to you to buy one then go for it. However, you must be made aware that while you may have a phone that sells for cheep, that's just to GET the phone. Once you have the phone you have to pay monthly service fees for both data, and for voice. Otherwise its a colorful peace of plastic that probably can only fuction as a calandar, alarm clock, or cocoulator. which makes its a pointless useless junk heap.
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@mjcookie (2273)
• Philippines
28 Dec 09
Don't feel pressured just because everybody already has an iPhone. You need to be practical--you have to be careful in buying phones with a lot of extra features that you may never even use. Remember that you'll pay for those features. Ask yourself: Do I really need these smart phones, or am I just attracted by its coolness?? That could help you decide.
@rosekiss (30327)
• Eugene, Oregon
28 Dec 09
What you need to do is weigh out what you really want in the phone, and features you really need, as some phones have a lot of features and some don't. I know the iphone has a lot of features, even though I don't have one. I do have th ipod touch though and it has all the features the iphone has except for the camera, mic and talk features, but as I understand it the new generation of ipod touch will be having the camera and mic feature for a lot of money. I am not with AT&T, so I can't have the iphone, but if I were with them, I probably would. I have heard though that the battery isn't all that good as it goes down fairly fast. My phone has lots of features and I don't use all of them. I hope that someday, other carriers will get he iphone, once Apple's contract is up with AT&T. You never know though. Just have to wait and see. Take care, and happy mylotting.