Downloading LOTS

New Zealand
December 28, 2009 8:56pm CST
Over the next few weeks, I'll be downloading a large volume of stuff, via FTP. However, the files equate to seven months of our bandwidth, so I don't really want to download it. We don't get capped, we just get charged more if we go over our limit. Does anyone have any methods I could use to download these files without using too much of my own bandwidth? I'm already planning to ask a few friends to help with the downloading, I'm going to cap my download speed to a few kb/s so that it doesn't download too much, and maybe go to a few internet cafe's. Can anyone think of some other methods?
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@robertx (150)
• Romania
29 Dec 09
Maybe you should try to get another internet provider. I know several people that have 2 or more internet providers or just provider options at the same time. And speaking of options you could change your subscription just for this month. Or add more services of the same isp provider, like some of cable or adsl providers, also give that mobile usb stick for free, wich comes with its own traffic and connection options. Of course, if this is just this a one time need, maybe asking a friend with unlimited bandwith is the way for you. You can also look for services that will download the files for you, these usually help those who are internationally capped. they bring the files to a local host first, and then download it from there.