Life is not a straight line?

@kevinll (967)
December 28, 2009 9:33pm CST
When we try our best to get our purpose we want to find shortcut or straight line. In fact most of time life is full of curve. Just now my friend tell me a story. A man taught students in a small village. It was a very poor village. Many students could not go to school. The teacher had a kind heart and decided to earn money in city and go back to bulid their school. He are eager to make money quickly and was catched into prison. Ten years later he came out of prison and begin to do business, earned a lot of money. And he donated the money to schools. Sometimes we may forget our original purpose, it can be affected by many factors, then we can revise it and it won't be late. Maybe most of time life is a curve, finally you come back the beginning point. What's your opinion?
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