Can you tell me your experience with the insurance agent ?

Hong Kong
December 29, 2009 5:56am CST
My experiences with the insurance sales person were all negative.Ther will promise you everything before you want to be the customer,but when once you bought the insurance ,things will be totally different.Some of them even wanted to stay away from you.If you want to change a new agent ,it can be worst because the new one didn't earn any commission from you before and they will never keep an eyes for you with a professional attitude.Anyway,you can share with me your experience and maybe yours can be more positive than mine.
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@dorannmwin (36634)
• United States
2 Jan 10
The only experience that I have ever personally had with an insurance agent was a very negative experience. I had quit my job working with a company that had employer funded health insurance to work for a company that did not offer that benefit so I needed to get my own health insurance. When I met with the insurance broker I informed him that I needed general health insurance with a maternity rider and I was quoted with the price (which was high, but I agreed to it because I wanted the maternity rider). It was only after I suffered from a miscarriage and visited the emergency room because of it that I learned that the maternity rider that I thought I had purchased had never gone through even though the price that I was paying was exactly the quote that I was given.
@lelin1123 (15632)
• Puerto Rico
29 Dec 09
I have never come across a insurance company/agent that are legit. They are just there to take your money every month and they really don't care about you at all. I have car insurance with my daughter and son-in-law. My bill is due on the 18th of every month. I sent the payment thru my bank on the 11th of the month. They claimed they received it late. So I check with my bank online and it says the insurance company received it on the 17th. The money was taken out of my account on the 14th. Now the insurance company is saying that the check was not postmarked so we have to pay a late fee or our insurance will be cancelled. Can you imagine this. Insurance companies may as well be the mafia as far as I'm concerned. They rip you off left and right and don't care how they do it. I can't wait to move to Puerto Rico where you pay one payment up front and its good for a whole year. The best thing that is so much cheaper then the states. My boyfriend has a truck and he pays only 4200 for the year.
@zalilame (880)
• Malaysia
29 Dec 09
Welcome to the club. I'd been scammed before. I got a call from an insurance agents explaining everything that I am supposed to know. I was asked to give my address at the end of the call and suddenly I have a credit card insurance. I just hate it when your credit card company sold your information to these agents. Now whenever I got call like this I will just hung up.