What Christmas is all about ?

@asfiona (174)
December 29, 2009 8:28am CST
Hey how do you celebrate your christmas. Is christmas all about having fun, shopping, meeting frens, relatives, or having parties.? I have come across many of them celebrating the christmas without knowing the real meaning. Christmas is meant to be happy, joy, peace becoz Jesus Christ came to Earth for Us. Christmas Is not only for going to parties and all. First of all, we need to prepare ourself spiritually strong and then enjoy the christmas. Its really great to celebrate any festival with the real meaning. So frens... Do you celebrate the Christmas with the meaning on it or its only fun for you. I would to hear from each one you. Thank you. May The New Baby Born bless you in a days to come.
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@vicki2876 (5640)
• Canada
29 Dec 09
I grew up knowing about christmas being the day christians celebrate as Jesus' birth, but I think the force of commericalism has totally taken over the holiday and it is mostly just about gifts and partying. When I was a kid it still was all about the gifts and food and now even more so. The celebration of the birth of Jesus was lost a long time ago to the masses on a whole. I could say it is because many more people in the western world now are not christian but I don't think that is the reason. Still the majority of people here are christian and yet many of them do not choose to celebrate the day as his birth but rather the day santa comes. I live in a community where my family is probably one of the only non christians around and yet I still don't see many references to Jesus during the holidays. But I see tons and tons of other things like reindeer, presents and santas. This to me is because people are influenced by marketing more than their own faith. Also considering the fact that many western people are in debt living large and not living meger lifestyles like christ shows what power commericalism has on our society. I am not saying all people are like this but it is considered the majority or our society that is living this way.
@asfiona (174)
• India
30 Dec 09
Inspite of Jesus Christ, santa has become more familiar for children and for grown up as well. They make a wish to santa that let thier dreams come true. They wait for santa to come and give them a gift. While the fact is about Jesus who came to earth for the people for salvation. We should pray and need to give thanks and be happy for this. I felt that, real meaning of Christmas is fading. In india majority are hindu and muslim christian are lesser comparatively. Moreover Due to the commercial merketing one forth of the people are aware of gift, santa, parties, but not about Jesus. Hopefully, one day more people will come to know why, how, what christmas is all about. Have a wonderful new year.