who is more sexually active, men or women???

December 29, 2009 2:44pm CST
Hi my dear mylotters. I asked myself this question when my boyfriend and me had a very serious conversation one day. And when i asked him, he asked me also the same question. hahahahha.............we both laughed. my dear mylotters, can i had some ideas or opinions from you. thank you
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• Mexico
30 Dec 09
Hi coolhaze: That depends on the situation but in general i think that both men and women can be as sexually active as his/her partner. Thanks to the female liberation women have learn that they have the right to express what they want and how they live their sexualities and that's something great for us as a society. Well, Thanks for asking us this question. Hope you are having a nice day. Merry Christmas/ Happy holidays. Take Care. -Alvaro
@tpinto (66)
• United States
29 Dec 09
Probably men because I think that they can never get enough. Women are active to but it seems like when we are tired we just want to go to sleep and men can do it regardless of what's going on or how tired they are.