would you have pulled peyton manning out of the jets game?

@snoopyfan (1315)
United States
December 29, 2009 3:21pm CST
I am a major Colts fan and at first I was disappointed in Caldwell for pulling the guys out of the game and not going for the record. But now after a few days of thinking I believe it was the right call. Do we want Peyton to get hurt and not be in the playoffs. I know I don't want to see Curtis Painter in a playoff game. No offense to the kid but he is clearly not ready to play a game. The guys knew this was coming and I believe they did have enough time to win the game and should have scored enough points in the first half against The Jets to win that game. I know that was a very tough call for Coach Caldwell to make but again he was thinking about the health of the team and I would rather have a ring then go 16 -0 and be like The Hatriots and go 18 - 1! I am proud of the fact that my rookie head coach won 14 games in a row. I know Peyton and the rest of The Colts will play their best in the playoffs. I don't buy into theory that since The Colts rested that is why they lost in the playoffs in the past. To quote Herman Edwards you play to win the game. The Colts need to go in the playoffs and play their best. Whatever happens again it has nothing to do with what happens in the regular season. GO COLTS!
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