I Need Your Help Please!!!!!!

December 30, 2009 4:05am CST
Friends can you help me with any legit HYIP website that i can invest in. I have come across some but i don't have believe in them because their are a lot of scam web on the internet these days. The site are rosalin finance and caziroca.com. I will be waiting to here from you if you can direct me to any one you know because i don't want to get scam by these bad people. Thanks a lot.
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@pratheep87 (1227)
• India
26 Mar 10
yes most HYIP ended in scam and i am lucky that my hyip program is paying me for 2 years. I get daily 1% as interest make sure to see the review about the hyip website before you start investing.
• United States
26 Mar 10
hyip sites are not all that great from earning from. there are many ways of eaning online. i make money playing mmorpg games. the name of one of the games is second life. the name of the website where you dowload the game for free is secondlife. ithink you will have alot of fun playing this game. i make about $8.00 every day. it is a legit game. best of luck with earning.
@rsa101 (27765)
• Philippines
20 Feb 10
I only have one that has been making me money if you are interested knowing them you can send me PM to know about it. It is not High yield because it only pays 1% a day but they are paying me for the longest time already.
@amripaarz (106)
• Malaysia
17 Feb 10
Hi, try 2 leasrn about genius fund and HYI fund.
@bulastika (5967)
• Philippines
14 Jan 10
How about a hyip fund that earn you a 1% a day? And if you invest 5 dollars plus 2.50 bonus you have 7.50 dollars starting capital. Starting capital can't be withdrawn but will earn you interest for the rest of your life. That means your 5 dollars investment earn you 7 to 8 cents per day. After 14 days you have one dollar ready to cashout. that means that every 14th day you have 1 dollar cashout and after 74 days you already ROI. .. Still don't want to take the risk? How about this. I will insure your 5 dollars deposit. If the site close from 1 to 14th day I will pay back your 5 dollars every 14th day one dollar until you receive the 5 dollars total. 15th to 29 days 4 dollar. 30 to 44 days 3 dollars and so on. Now. That's a risk free investment. Don't you think?