My Comfort Food

December 30, 2009 6:22am CST
There are times when I'm really depressed, sad, stressed, or feel alone. What I usually do when I feel like this is just stay at home, watch a good movie, and eat my comfort food, ice cream. There's just something in ice cream that comforts me. Maybe because it brings me back to my childhood when my parents would buy ice cream and me, my brother and sisters would just enjoy it. It doesn't matter what flavor it is, but after a pint or two, everything seems better.
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• Philippines
2 Jan 10
My comfort food is green mango with sauteed shrimp paste (bagoong). Yummy! :-)
• United States
30 Dec 09
The food I eat now is quite different from the stuff I ate as a kid. So a lot of foods are nostalgic form me. Certain brands of chips that are sold only in the neighborhood I grew up in, or, there's this "Starry" (or something like that) cereal I used to love as a kid, which I haven't had in over a decade. I really miss it. I'm going to try to find it. Oh, and sour thing or really hot chips - I used to love that stuff as a kid and I always feel kind of playful eating it now. :)
@thea09 (18316)
• Greece
30 Dec 09
Hi nocturn, I've never used food for comfort as some people do but my idea of what it would be is toasted crumpets dripping with butter on a rainy afternoon. Unfortunately they don't sell crumpets here so I'd have to settle for a nice hot cup of mint tea instead. Freshly made from mint leaves of course.