What was the most funny question and answer that you have heard before?

Hong Kong
December 30, 2009 7:28am CST
We will always ask question and give answer all the times.But some of the question was fun and some of the question cannot even called a question.It is also not qualifly to be called a statement or a comment as well.Becuse there is a question in itself that the question sholudn't really exist at all.For example,can you draw a square like circle.On the other hand,some answer are either funny or full of wisdom.For example,when some one ask you where you are hiding your money at home.I think most people will prefer not to answer such a question.On the other hand,some people can answer your question without directly answer your question.For example,someone asked Jesus"do we have to pay tax to Caeser?"(you can say it to the government in todays term)And Jesus answered with wisdom and saying that"get me a coin and tell me what's the icon you have on this coin?"And the reply was "Caeser".Then Jesus said"so,whatever belongs to Caeser goes to Caeser and whatever belongs to God,goes to God"Well,i think we may encounter many things like this in our life and see what you have to share with us this time.
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@dorannmwin (36653)
• United States
2 Jan 10
A story that both my husband and my mother-in-law like to tell about my husband's Aunt Reeva and her children was on one of their trips to the grocery store when her son was younger. The cashier asked Reeva, "Paper or plastic?" Her son responded with "Neither, we are using food stamps." The other questions that I will occasionally hear people laughing about are usually when someone decides to answer a rhetorical question.