happy new year!

December 31, 2009 3:40am CST
2010 is coming!The new year eve is here. what are you going to do tonight? I am still working now, but only 1 hour left! I will rush back home,and enjoy the gogerious night alone.My family are far away from me, and i only get one day off. I miss my parents! and today is my father's birthday.there is a party for him, but i cannot be thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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@Genericbe (1376)
• Philippines
31 Dec 09
HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO.. Sometimes things has to happen for a good purpose. Your situation is understandable in your family. I also believe they wish all the best to come for your career. I guess you are not alone for you have God with you in spiritual side. Remember all the people who cared about you will give you a good spirit for this coming year.
2 Jan 10
I feel better now, thank you!
@joro1best (222)
• Bulgaria
31 Dec 09
Hello candyoops! Happy new year to you too.Wishing you a success year,big money earning,luck in evrything,and most important - good health :) Happy birthday to your father,hope you talk with your family on the new year eve,because family holidays,are the best holidays.Sorry for you that you are alone.And anyway hope you enjoy this holiday,with friends or even alone.I was alone only one year,it was bad,but when the fireworks started,i was excited..The bad is that on holidays most of people are celebrating with their family so u cannot invite to much people,but wishing you again a happy new year :) Happy day - Joro