What's your favorite Japanese drama?

November 15, 2006 4:07am CST
What's your favorite Japanese drama?
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@sjaber1 (184)
• United States
15 Nov 06
I saw Hana Yori Dango and it was pretty good-pending next season! ^.~
• United States
21 Jan 07
there's a second season coming out?? when??
@xtine22 (200)
• Philippines
25 May 11
I started with manga adaptations like Gokusen, then Hana Yori Dango. I can say that my all time favorite Japanese drama is Hana Yori Dango because the story and the actors gave justice to the ending of the original work (an ending that I really like for the story).
@Reyachan (589)
• Romania
23 Aug 10
It's sad to see so little interest around here in this subject. I personally like j-dramas very much for their stories. They may be a little sur-real sometimes or not magnificently played, but they have a cetain charm. They always make me feel better about myself and the world and they picture human emotions at very deep levels. Also, I like the fact they always have a morale behind the plot and that they "attack" tabu subjects with a very carefree attitude. My lates fvorite drama, beside Hana Kimi and Hana Yori Dango, is Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. I love that drama first of all because i love the anime and the characters, but also because they manage to make a wonderfull spin-off, separating the story from the anime and using mostly fun stuff from the manga that were never pictured before. Also, the ending and how he kisses Sunako is amazingly fun! :) If you haven't wacthed it yet, give it a try :D Happy posting!
@Leixa003 (867)
• Philippines
24 Apr 10
I have watched so many Japanese drama but I think my favorite would be (oh it is so hard to choose) I think Nodame Cantabile and next would be Hana Kimi. I like to watch the cartoons too of Nodame cantabile (or should I call it anime since it is japanese ) And next would be Pride and Long vacation. I have yet to watch Hana Yori Dango (I had watched Meteor Garden from Taiwan and Boys over Flowers from korea and i both loved them so I can compare now if I watch Hana Yori)
@errielle (442)
• Philippines
20 Sep 07
I have already watched a number of Japanese Drama: Hana Yori Dango , Gokusen I, Love Revolution, Pride, Kimi Wa Petto, but the one I love most is BEAUTIFUL LIFE. Gosh! It's so beautiful! I cried and cried... it's a must watch movie! I love Kimura Takuya and I loved him more in TOkiwa Takako in this Drama. I have also watched Hero, also Kimura Takuya. Love Revolution is funny. I love it too. Try watching Kimi Wa Petto. I loved Matsumoto Jun in that drama.
15 Feb 07
i dont watch japanese dramas
• United States
21 Jan 07
I've only seen one Japanese Drama. It was Hana Yori Dango as well, and I loved it!!