Do you hate someone asking you your marks if you have not scored good marks ?

@nar8988 (409)
January 1, 2010 9:02am CST
Friends it has happened with me many times that I have not scored good marks and someone would ask me ,how many marks you scored,that really fires me up,It looked to me at that time ,as if was knowing my marks and had intentionally asked me to just make mockery of me,even if that was no so .And most of that times were my classmates only .Don't you hate someone asking you your marks ,if you had not scored good marks .
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@lahari (133)
• India
6 Jan 10
Its definitely one of the biggest problems in student life when you are bombarded with tests all the time and none can get good marks in every test(leave aside the genius topper of the class!) Well,I don't hate someone or feel like blowing his head off when he asks me about my marks but it definitely turns me off! My friends are really sympathetic when I get bad marks but then these are the things that I guess no one wants to share!
• India
1 Jan 10
Yes i do when I was in school. I felt like I give that person a big slap. or something like that