10 more pounds to go

January 2, 2010 4:44am CST
when i got pregnant, i weighed 40 lbs heavier than normal when i was about to deliver my baby. now, almost 10 months later, i have lost the 30 lbs but the 10 lbs are really stubborn. my problem really is not the physical activity but the eating part. i love cooking and much the same, i also love eating. these two activities are not good for my weight consciousness efforts. for now, i am dieting. exercise alone does not work for me. i need to control my eating and to do some physical exercise so that my weight loss goals can be achieved. i would like to be able to reach my pre pregnancy weight of 100 lbs when my baby turns 1 year old in march. that is about 2 months from now. i know i can do it if i can only discipline myself to control my eating. for the holidays i have eaten a lot, thankfully i am taking senna herbal tea that induces bowel movement so i have not gained weight much. but removing the excess 10 lbs would be a real challenge. that is one of my weight loss goals for this year. i don't want to let the fat store just because i still want another child. if that happens, i dont think i will be able to lose them anymore next time. how about you? what are your pregnancy weight loss issues.?? happy new year everyone!
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@shaggin (49538)
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2 Jan 10
With my daughter I only gained 18 lbs. She was 8lbs 3 oz when she was born so with the placenta and all the other stuff after I delivered her I lost all the baby weight. I was sooo skinny after giving birth to her that a nurse and the doctors office accused me of being anorexic. I had knobby knees and I've never had that in my life. I was so skinny that I looked gross. I was nursing at the time so the baby was sucking all the fat I had left off of me and I couldnt keep the weight on. When I was pregnant with my son I gained 27 lbs I think it was and that was harder to get off. I still carried around the extra 10 lbs until aobut a week ago. I am really stressed planning to get a seperation so I have a hard time eating I just cant stomach the food. Thats the only good thing about whats going on is I lost the baby weight haha.