MAgical cure for football players.....

January 2, 2010 5:07am CST
I read that there is this doctor in Europe that uses animal starch to cure football players with damaged or strained tissues. She applies that on the damaged area and it gets cured real fast. It was first taken by some dutch player who told van persie about it. He says that the woman is like this Goddess....... Ronaldo was speculated out for two months but he came after just three weeks...... The irony is that she doesn't has a medical license and now cops are after her. Shee is underground somewhere and still continues to cure the players.......... what do you think...... she should be allowed to continue or not....
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2 Jan 10
i dont see how it could work but even if it did she should have figured out a way of presenting it to where she wouldnt be labeled as a fake and chased down. i mean there are so many people that will sell "cures" to people and be just running off with the money that its hard to even believe the legit ones sometimes.. i hope if she is for real she finds a way to get out of trouble and spreads the knowledge