kelly should be a gothic metal singer....

January 2, 2010 5:20am CST
I like her voice and am into metal. I think she should join a metal band or make one of her own....... She will soon become a metal goddess.....
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• Indonesia
3 Aug 12
Can you imagine if she is with evanesence? Sometimes I do think she should featuring with other singer just for random single. She'll rocking billboard if she try it sometimes,,,well eventhough she already there manytimes
@Jaluke (676)
• United States
12 Jun 10
I honestly think that she could pull off any genre of music based on what she's done. Her song "Whyyawannabringmedown" from her fourth album I think definitely shows that she's got some CRAZY rock chops. And then the raw, emotional depth and darkness of her third album could definitely fit in. I'm not crazy about Metal honestly, but if Kelly did it I'd probably love it haha
• United States
2 Jan 10
i dont know much of her music but she looks like she would be cute goth though! it would be nice to have some more female goth music people out there
@BlueGoblin (1829)
• United States
3 Jan 10
I don't mind female voices in metal. Europe has tons of these type of bands and they are quite successful. However, she has already had success in her current style so I don't see why she would jump to metal. Metal has less of an audience and I'm not certain the metal community would welcome her with open arms.
• United States
2 Jan 10
I think she would be good at it, but I really think that artists shouldn't be limited to one type of music. I like music for the lyrics, so I never really care what the music is if I like the lyrics, but I know a lot of people get upset when singers try going for a new sound.
@maezee (42168)
• United States
2 Jan 10
I'm not into metal, but I like her voice, too, and she definitely has a "rock" edge to her voice (sort of, anyway). She could at least be in a rock band or something, that might be cool!