Who will win the 2010 world cup?

@yiskylee (141)
January 3, 2010 5:12am CST
It's already 2010, I already can't wait for the world cup in south Africa. From my perspective, Brazil is the biggest candidate to win the game. What's your idea?
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@asherem2 (257)
• Thailand
8 Jan 10
Brazil will win for me..they have great players and they play very well
@Hadame (194)
• Indonesia
8 Jan 10
i think england has their best chance this year...
@y2j2008 (44)
• Sri Lanka
6 Jan 10
My favorite is England I wish it would be them..But very few chance !! If we talking about champions then it would be Brazil !!
@icecubic (1850)
• Indonesia
4 Jan 10
I think argentina will be the strong team in africa. As we know, in world cup 08 france have playing worst in qualification, but they can prove their talented and they playing well so they can go to the final. I hope messi will shows his best performance.
• India
4 Jan 10
well, this a bit tough question to answer because world cup always throw suprises at you. last year i didn't expect Italy to win. well, Spain, Brazil are the strong contenders for wining world cup. Germany has also good chance. well, i guess three teams will make it last 4 of the championship and it up to the players to deliver on that day....... eagerly waiting for the world cup. keeping my fingers crossed.
@Khazum (3)
• Portugal
4 Jan 10
I think Spain is the biggest candidate to win, they did great in qualificatons and they have an excellent team. Brazil also has a great chance.
@Bryanx54 (644)
3 Jan 10
I have a feeling an African team will get to the semis of the 2010 tournament due the climate and atomsphere of there comfortable homeland either Ivory coast or Ghana will reach semis in south africa the other teams i think it will be a close tournament Spain are good, Brazil always excell at tournaments, England will always chase but they still seem to be victims of there own hype and i can see Germany,Italy and one or two other european giants to up there game to some extent but after some full depth analysis Brazil still look at there best.
@anasutio (64)
• Indonesia
3 Jan 10
same with you, I prefer Brazil will be the champion again. But sometime its very difficult to predict who's the winner, I remember when World Cup play in Korea, they team suddenly very strong and kick many big name. Maybe the african team will be shown they power this time. If can be true, this world cup can be more interesting and more surprise. I hope so .... will see
@inlaviola (241)
• Indonesia
3 Jan 10
same like u i can't wait too. my favorit team is argentina. argentina is best team with best player. i think argentina will be the champion and messi can get trophy world cup what his dreamed. bravo argentina