If you die today would you go to heaven?

January 3, 2010 9:28am CST
Are you in the place in your spiritual life where you know that if you die, you are certain you'd go to heaven? Suppose you did die today and you stood before God, and He asked you, "Why should I let you into heaven? what would your answer be?
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@krajibg (11931)
• Guwahati, India
3 Jan 10
Hi there, Let alone today, whenever I die I do care least as to where I would go. First thing my this earthly body which I have been taking care so dearly would no longer be under my control as it is now after I die. Besides the concept of heaven is a mere hypothesis. None has so far seen nor proved by any means that there is one place like heaven where people go or are not let into after their demise. I feel this earth itself is all hell and all heaven. The pleasure and joy and our happiness are our heaven while our sufferings are the hellish experiences. If I die today I will not any where. lol
• Philippines
3 Jan 10
hahaha... anyway thanks for your reply...really love learning and reading other persons thoughts.. :D
@ralphido (843)
• India
5 Jan 10
well.. i would say.. you are the one who's supposed to figure it out.. if you can't do it that beats me too..enjoy mylotting :)
@kashers (649)
• Jamaica
4 Jan 10
if u should die today,u will only go into the lower heaven known as the astral universe,u will be judge according to your deeds by the lord of karma known as DHARAM RAYA,u will spend some time on the astral universe then sent back to either planet or place your karma takes u,do good and good will follow, if i should die now physically i will enter into the higher heaven known as the ATMA LOK universe,y because i am an initiate of the higher teachings of soul travel, i will not return to the physically universe for i have graduated from all lower teachings in these universes,may the blessings be u have alot to learn,the process is still very far on going,may the blessings be(baraka bashad)
• Philippines
3 Jan 10
i am confident to say yes i am not afraid to die because i accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in my heart. i grew up in a christian school we always reminded us what if you will die today, what if it's end of the world. and if God asked me about that, i would say that i am a sinner although i accepted you,i still do bad things because i am only a human and i did everything just to make a better person.
@Genericbe (1378)
• Philippines
3 Jan 10
My answer to God would be " I am a God fearing person and a human who do commit mistakes. If you sum up all my doings in Earth and have justified myself to be fitted here on heaven , then I will be glad If you will let me in heaven. But, if my doings are not enough for you to reconsider my mistakes for forgiveness then whatever your judgment will be for me.. I will still accept either way.
@maria1081 (1252)
• Philippines
3 Jan 10
If I die today in my sleep, I know I would'nt go to heaven. I would return to dust of the earth and wait for the incoming of Judgement Day. And if ever God would ask me the question why should He let me into heaven? I will just answer Him when that day comes. Nice discussion.