Howl's Moving Castle

November 15, 2006 4:45am CST
What did you think of the latest Miyazaki film "Howl's Moving Castle?" Did you see it in the theatre? Did you watch it in English or Japanese?
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@vronron (83)
• Canada
21 Dec 06
I really liked this film. I think I watched about four or five times in the first few days that I had it. The story was really good and I felt that there was a decent development of the characters.
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• China
25 Dec 06
Thanks for the reply!
• Philippines
20 Dec 06
I watched it on DVD with English subtitles because I kinda like the sound of those Japanese syllables uttered by emotional characters. I think the movie is really good in terms of story and visual design. I have always been a fan of Miyazaki and I'm always blown away by his creativity and imagination. My favorite Miyazaki movie is still Spirited Away but Howl's Moving Castle certainly ranks among his best.
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• China
25 Dec 06
Thank you!!
@Jasmijn (145)
• Belgium
14 Feb 07
Howl's Moving Castle is one of my favorite movies ever, and I actually don't like animated movies that much. But I must say, I like Diana Wynne Jones' novel on which the movie is based even better.
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• Brazil
25 Feb 07
It's a very good movie. it was my fourth Miyazaki film. It has a lot of story but not only this. It has a lot of action and strage characters and strange things. No I didn't watch this on the theatre I rent the dvd and watched at home. hehe
@trionyxx1 (139)
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
like every movie that miyazaki has ever been involved in, this movie is amazing. it's adapted from a book written by diana wynne jones (1986), and it's a bit different from other ghibli films. both the english and japanese versions of this film are great! i'm so enamored of the english version, which is a rare admission for me to make, because x'tian bale provides the voice of Howl.
@emskoneko (806)
• United States
14 Feb 07
The fantasy and the magic... it was all so amazing in that movie. I just love his films! He is a true artist through his work.
@jackf501 (853)
• Malaysia
25 Dec 06
do you know where i can downld this anime?i have checked out this anime and look interesting..