January 3, 2010 11:21pm CST
Hi Everyone, What do you think of marriage? Does marriage makes our life more complete? What is the perfect age to get married for a lady and a man? Do you think that life is meaningful only if we share it with someone we love or is it equally meaningful to live this life alone? Please share your opinions.
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@maximax8 (30615)
• United Kingdom
5 Jan 10
I think that the best age for a lady to marry is between the ages of twenty five and thirty years old. I think that the best age for a man to marry is between the ages of twenty eight and thirty eight years old. People mature at different ages. If a couple marry in their early twenties they can both change and have different interests by age thirty five. I got married at age twenty two to an Australian man who was twenty eight years old. Our marriage lasted six years and then we got divorced. If a person finds Mr of Miss Right than marriage can make the couple happy. A couple must be fully compatible before getting married or it might end in divorce. These days it is possible to stay happy by remaining single.
@Galena (9120)
4 Jan 10
it's not for everyone. after nearly 10 years of a long, happy committed relationship, I got married last year, and we had a wonderful day. in all honesty, I beleive that we ALREADY had the marriage. the wedding just made it official. I wanted to make an Oath to him before my Gods that I would be bound to him always. this isn't to say that without marriage the same wouldn't be true. some people feel that their partner is not committed to them without marriage, although this isn't necessarily the case. you CAN have a committed relationship without entering into a legal contract. it's down to each couple if it is important to them to do so. now I would say that I can't imagine living life without my husband. but before I met him I didn't see anything wrong in a single and independant life. and lots of people are very happy single. just because I wouldn't go back to it now I've got used to having someone to cuddle up to all the time doesn't mean that people can't be happy living alone. in fact, I know people that are happier alone than in relationships. so basically. single or in a relationship. both can be happy or unhappy married or unmarried. both can be happy or unhappy. every individual has different expectations and needs in their life. there is no perfect age to get married. when you are in a long term committed relationship and both of you want to mark and celebrate that committment that is already between you with marriage, then that is the time to get married. however old you might be.
@mjcookie (2273)
• Philippines
4 Jan 10
What do you think of marriage? -Marriage for me is very essential in one's life. It's God's blessing for a couple to love, have kids, and live happily ever after. It is really important if you wanna have kids, as it is the only legal and appropriate way in God's eyes. Does marriage make our life more complete? -Absolutely. Marriage is an indispensable stage in one's life. When someone gets old unmarried, he or she is more likely to feel lonely. Perfect age for marriage: -Technically, for me, it is 25 and up, when both man and woman are already mature and stable in all aspects--emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially. Is life more meaningful when we share it with someone we love? -Of course! "No man is an island" may sound cliche, but it is very true. To be completely happy, you must share that happiness with your loved ones. There's no greater feeling than loving and being loved. Happy New Year to you!:D
@advokatku (4036)
• Indonesia
4 Jan 10
Marriage is a continuation of the Love and marriage is the process of getting a chance. When you find the best among the options, it will reduce the chance to get it, When you get to perfection, then your time is useless in getting the marriage, because perfection is actually a hollow existence