please help my friend to not hurt himself, hes desperate...suggestions?

United States
January 4, 2010 11:08pm CST
i dont no if he is depressed, and i think hes getting there, but things arent/havnt been going good for him at all. his family is torn apart, few good friends to turn to, and is having problems lately with the girl he loves. he use to be able to deal with this stuff, but he says its becoming to much so he turns to drinking, and i think he has been hurting himself. ive tried everything i can think of to help him, and it does for a little bit, but he can never stay in a good mood for long anymore. Can anyone help me help him??
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@dpk262006 (56756)
• Delhi, India
5 Jan 10
Hi there! It would be advisable to take to your friend to some experienced Counsellor if he is suffering too much. You say that you suggestions/advice is not working and your friend is in deep trouble. Please help him take to a qualified Doctor.
• United States
5 Jan 10
ya, see, ive tryed to tell him that, but he refuses :(
@NetWorth (17)
• United States
6 Jan 10
Try to talk him into seeking professional help. He needs that best help he can get at this point and he may be clinically depressed. If they diagnose him with clinical depression, they can prescribe him medication to help his moods.
@apexiph (123)
• Malaysia
5 Jan 10
Hi. Firstly, is your friend a teenager? Hmm..Life is nothing if we are not facing a problems. Problems make us become matured. It make us grow as a man that can face the challenge that come towards us. Sometimes, the problem is to big that the victim cannot handle it by himself. Then it comes to a role of a friends. As a friends, we should try ease a burden that our friends are having as much as we can. As a friends, we don't ask them what to do but we suggest them a ways that they can choose to settle their problems. Congratulation to you that you are so concern about your friends. That's why you posting here to try to find a way to help your friends. Maybe others can help if they know a little bit specific about your friends problems...: